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Merit Compass

How to bring your advisor with you on the path to retirement:

Submit Payment – We do charge a fee for the service. This is an accountability fee for you. Paying a fee helps motivate you to continue to use the membership and better prepare you for retirement.

Schedule your Initial Advisor Consultation - You will then be contacted by your financial advisor’s staff to schedule your appointment. The financial advisors will evaluate your personal situation and financial objectives in your consultation appointment. We call this proprietary planning program the Merit Action Plan (MAP).

Continue using your ongoing advisor support, quarterly - You will be contacted by our staff to schedule quarterly meetings with your advisor to help you properly allocate your 401(k) plan, and review any other financial objectives and important decisions as you approach your retirement.

When you participate in the Merit Compass program, we walk with you on your path as you plan for your retirement to help guide you in the right direction.

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