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RIA Platform for Wealth Managers

Merit Advisor Services exists to help Advisors reach independence in their practice, and help existing independent Advisors offload operational aspects of their business like trading and compliance. We are focused on partnering with Advisors who have the desire to become independent advisors. We have several offices in the southeast with a highly skilled team which you will have the freedom to access as your practice grows.

Merit brings an attractive and full-service platform for advisors. With our flexible service offerings and customizable platform, Advisors can choose how much help they need when going independent. Our service offering ranges from simple relationships such as succession plan agreements and RIA membership to a full-blown office suite solution.

What We Offer


Business Continuity Services

Significant business disruptions can quickly interfere with the practice you have worked so hard to establish. Our Business Continuity Services ensures that your organization’s critical business functions will continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters that may arise.

Investment Management

Merit provides a complete investment management platform for managing your client accounts. We have no proprietary products and are completely unbiased with respects to our investment recommendations.

RIA and Compliance

Our research shows that your average payout under the Merit RIA is equivalent to establishing your own. The distinct difference lies in the hands of our team who alleviate the operational aspects of running a full time RIA and the responsibilities that come with it i.e. compliance, trading, investment management, legal.

Succession Planning

An established succession plan is essential to properly protect your wealth and assets in unexpected circumstances. In concession from the industry at any time, we are prepared to purchase your business – in segments or entirety.

Transition Assistance

During the transition process, we take care of the details so you can focus on what’s important, your clients. We establish a transition plan that services all major aspects of transitioning your business, including a complete office space set-up, structuring your business entity, ensuring all legal and compliance requirements are satisfied and handling your client account transfers.

Best Practices Forum

Having a like-minded set of colleagues collaborating is vital to your success.