Reinventing Financial Relationships… Welcome to Merit, where raising the bar and exceeding expectations are the standard. We have been serving clients for over 30 years, and pride ourselves as being innovators in an ever-changing and ever-growing financial services industry. We began with the goal of making a substantial impact by helping individuals make wise financial choices, while at the same time, building long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our firm. We continue to strive toward our goal each and every day, and work diligently to employ standards and practices that set us apart from other investment management, financial planning and wellness firms. We value our clients, as they are a part of the Merit family, and we recognize family really does come first. We work tirelessly to ensure a client experience that is both fruitful and satisfying for our clients, and we never stop striving to meet and exceed any expectations our clients have of their financial service team. As we reflect on the positive evolution we have experienced over the last 30 years and assess the current state of the financial services industry, a new purpose has become paramount: we want to become “game-changers” in the industry and reinvent financial relationships. Proudly embracing this new purpose, we are excited to announce Merit is comprised of four main divisions: Merit Financial Advisors; Botsford Private Wealth; Worksite Financial Wellness; Independent Advisor Partners. As a collective team, we intend to spearhead the initiative to correct the retirement crisis in America and emphasize the importance of an authentic relationship where one’s financial world is concerned. Merit will strive to be a pioneer and an industry leader that is continuing to reinvent financial relationships.

Merit Financial Advisors: We want to help you live the retirement you have dreamed of and planned for over the years. Our wealth managers offer a broad range of guidance and services, including financial planning, asset protection strategies, investment management and young professional planning. Achievement of your personal and financial dreams and goals will be at the forefront of the client/advisor relationship. 

Botsford Private Wealth: We specialize in mitigating risks while also focusing on capitalizing on opportunities. Helping high net worth individuals utilize their financial resources to pursue their aspirations for themselves, their loved ones and the causes they care deeply for is our core competency. Focusing on providing reliable and professional financial advice, we establish a genuine and long-lasting relationship with our clients and their families.

Worksite Financial Wellness: Worksite Financial Wellness is a turn-key collaborative financial wellness solution derived from the belief that the workplace is the absolute key for educating individuals on healthy financial habits. The working population is living in a state of financial stress. They’re spending more, saving less and jeopardizing their financial health in the process. Achieving financial wellness can often be difficult when juggling the many roles and responsibilities one faces during “everyday life” in their working years. The Worksite Financial Wellness division partners with companies and corporations to provide a collaborative solution for their employees – from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Independent Advisor Partners: The Independent Advisor Partner division partners with advisors who desire autonomy in their practice, but would like to offload operational aspects of their business like trading, human resources, portfolio design, investment research, technology, and compliance. We partner with advisors who have the desire to grow and extend their impact. You might be independent, but you are never alone as one of Merit’s Independent Advisor Partners.

The four divisions of Merit all adhere to the mission of creating the ultimate client experience by continuing to reinvent the financial relationship. We strive to exceed client expectations by providing the best possible service, all while helping clients feel confident and comfortable in establishing and working towards their financial goals. Our desire is to partner with you, balancing tactical advice with innovative strategy. Together, we will create and reinvent relationships, which will foster multi-generational partnerships and positively impact lives for many years to come.