April 2021 Market Update

Market Update

We are watching closely as the economy continues to re-open and things are beginning to return to normal. The key points for April’s market update are: We believe this is one of the strongest economic rebuilds in history Supply chain redistribution + fast-paced recovery = a temporary surge in inflation Rate will begin to rise in anticipation…

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Our Steve Young Event

Steve Young Webinar image

We had a great time speaking with Steve Young, the three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, April 26th. Thank you to all who were able to attend this incredible virtual event. He shared with us the importance of being a team player, on and off the field. If you missed…

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5 Money Moves for Near Retirees

5 money move fro retirees

All retirees have one goal: to make sure you have enough money to get through the rest of your life not working. In this short video, hear one of our Wealth Managers, David Elder, discuss the 5 things you can do to prepare for retirement and help answer questions you may have. It is never…

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March 2021 Market Update


The mandated economic shutdown across many countries has proven beneficial in slowing the spread of COVID-19. We now turn our attention to the opportunities that lie ahead, and the risks of an infection resurgence as economies return to normal. Watch our most recent market update to learn more about how we see this reflected in…

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AT&T Retirement Benefit Changes Panel

AT&T virtual panel thumbnail

Many people have seen change throughout their companies, but perhaps none like this. AT&T has announced a change in the retirement benefit plans of its employees. Listen to some of our Wealth Managers answer some of the top questions people might be asking. At Merit, we try to provide the most current content for you…

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February 2021 Market Update

skyline outline, professional pointing to outline

As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic, driven by inoculations and expectations of a return to normalcy, inflation expectations have risen, confirmed by several underlying data points indicating risks to the upside. Watch the video to learn more!

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2021 Investment Outlook & Strategy

Outlook and Investment Strategy Update thumbnail

Are you curious about how these 6 key factors play into reopening the economy? Watch the video below to view our full 2021 investment strategy and outlook video. The key factors that play into the reopening of the economy: The COVID-19 Vaccine Government Stimulus Low Interest Rates Potential Earnings Growth Higher Inflation Market Sector Rotation…

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COVID-19 Relief Bill

COVID-19 relief bill video thumbnail

Listen to one of our Wealth Managers, Marcus Anderson, discuss the passing of the 2nd COVID-19 relief bill. He will explain some of the key highlights you can expect when receiving this stimulus check; including, direct payments, unemployment benefits and important need-to-knows. At Merit, our goal is to provide you with the most current and…

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Annuity vs. Lump Sum

annuity vs. lump sum

If you’ve thought about retiring from AT&T within the last two years, you’ve probably asked yourself  “Should I take the Annuity or the Lump Sum’?  That is the right question to answer but like most good questions, the answer can vary from one retiree to the next. At Merit, our goal is to provide you…

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AT&T Pension Plan

ATT pension

Listen to our Wealth Manager and Partner, Scott Meyer discuss the options you may have when it comes to your AT&T Pension plan. Should you have any questions regarding your pension or your benefits at AT&T, please click here to set up a meeting. At Merit, our goal is to provide our clients with the…

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