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Certified Divorce Financial Planning from Merit Brings Stability to Your Divorce

Few events in a woman's life can potentially bring more financial instability than a divorce, and that's a problem.  According to a 2013 Allianz study, roughly half of all women fear financial disasters causing them to be homeless, and this fear persists regardless of income.  Even 46% of women who personally make $200,000 per year, or more, are concerned about their financial future.

Much of this has to do with basic demographics.  Women tend to live longer than men, on average, while working for fewer years, and earning less money for their work.  Their finances can become particularly strained in the case they become single mothers, with over 80% of women becoming custodial parents in the event of divorce.

It's no wonder that many women fear the financial instability that a divorce can bring, which is why Merit Financial Advisors focus on offering certified divorce financial planning to women.

Merit Can Help Put Your Financial Life in Order

A divorce is usually a difficult, stressful, emotionally fraying time.  It's often hard for anyone involved in a divorce to focus specifically on their finances.  Merit Financial helps you maintain that focus and help ensure a high standard of living after the divorce, and for many years to come.

First and foremost, our certified financial planners will listen to you.  We are here to understand your situation, your lifestyle, your goals, and your goals for your family, if applicable.  We want you to be able to conduct and conclude your divorce knowing that your finances are secure.

We can also contribute our expertise to your divorce planning.  How will keeping, or losing, certain assets - such as cars or houses - affect your tax outlook?  We can help you understand the financial impact of the decisions you're making as part of the divorce.

Further, our services don't stop at the end of the divorce.  We are one of the nation's most successful long-term financial planning services, with an emphasis on helping and educating women.  We can assist you in planning your finances for the years and decades to come, planning your estate, and even advising on your will.  Whatever your long-term financial goals are, we want to see you achieve them.

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If you're going through a divorce, or one is on the horizon, Merit Financial wants to help.  Please contact us directly for a free consultation.