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Common Intent and Purpose

We believe that we can help address the retirement challenges in America by bringing financial freedom, wellness and confidence to the working population and retirees. As people experience financial wellness, they will live more productive lives.

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Telecommunications Employees

We have helped retire over 1,200 telecommunications employees and their families. Let us help you with your investments, health benefits, social security, 401(k), and more.

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Worksite Financial Wellness

We are passionate about providing unbiased guidance that helps employees gain confidence in making informed financial decisions. We also provide proactive financial plans designed to help them focus on their clients' needs.

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Merit Advisor Services

Merit assists independent advisors, or those thinking of becoming independent, with strategies through our Registered Investment Advisor Platform.

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Merit Financial Advisors is a retirement planning and wealth management company that seeks to establish, educate, and satisfy the financial goals of individuals in and approaching retirement.

We focus on providing reliable and unbiased financial advice by establishing a genuine and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We administer an array of financial services, which focuses on our client’s personal growth along with their financial goals.

Mission Statement & Values

Our mission is to create the ultimate client experience. We strive to exceed client expectations by providing the best possible service, while helping clients feel confident about establishing and targeting their financial goals. To ensure success in customer satisfaction, we have created the following core values.

“Honesty is key.” By maintaining an air of mutual respect for our clients and co-workers, we are able to demonstrate compassion in our everyday relationships within our team and with our clients.

“Do the right things and success will follow.” We pride ourselves on providing an experience that our clients will be happy to share with others. Integrity and respect are the driving forces of the services that our advisors provide to clients.

“Being balanced is the key to standing strong.” Making work fun and enjoyable for our advisors, as well as our clients, stems from celebrating accomplishments in conjunction with keeping our priorities established and upheld.