Our Story

The Merit model is anchored by core values and relationship-based culture. Every member of the Merit team embodies these values and prioritizes relationships within the team and with clients. This spirit is woven in all individual exchanges and firm-wide activities.

Who is Merit

Merit CEO Rick Kent built the firm on a servant-leadership style, which empowers his team to solve problems, create solutions and grow. Rick continually looks for ways to serve the team and better each member.

Merit has a particular focus on working with individuals in transition, including divorce, retirement, widowhood, etc. As clients navigate these events in their personal lives, they can rest assured that their advisors and partners at Merit will guide them through the financial implications.


Merit is a hybrid registered investment adviser based in Atlanta, GA. The firm was founded in 1998. Click here to read our investment philosophy 


The firm has multiple offices across the country. Click here to see our locations.

Whom We Serve

Merit provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management solutions for mass-affluent and affluent investors. Click here to learn more about whom we serve

What Merit Stands For

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing holistic financial planning and wealth management solutions for you, prioritizing the relationship and implementing solutions that help you meet your financial goals.

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Our Team

We will work tirelessly with you to align your long-term goals and vision with your financial plan, ensuring a mutual dedication to meeting these goals through innovative strategies and solutions.

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Our Support

To support you in every aspect of your financial life, Merit has invested in technology and talent to provide a superior experience and shared dedication to creating solutions that work. Merit is a partner, providing the support you need to navigate life’s challenges, transitions, and victories.

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