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Merit serves as a true partner for advisors. If you are looking to take your firm to the next level, you are in the right place.
At Merit, we believe we are Stronger Together.

Merit Financial Advisors is a national wealth management firm with over $5.5 billion in assets that support advisors affiliated with independent broker-dealers, as well as those who are registered investment advisors.

Merit’s mission is focused on growth - both supporting clients in exceeding their financial goals and supporting advisors in evolving and expanding their businesses. Merit provides its advisors and offices with practice management resources, an industry-leading technology platform, superior operational support, and the investment expertise needed to drive growth and deliver a superior client experience.

Merit serves as a true partner for advisors. If you are looking to take your firm to the next level, Merit can help.

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About Our Founder

About Our President

Rick Kent explains in an RIA Intel interview how he built Merit Financial Advisors and the new strategies required to maintain its momentum. Learn about Rick, his team, and their priorities in the featured article by clicking here.

Read the top 3 things Kay Lynn discusses how to make clients feel comfortable and at ease when going through an M&A event. Click here to read the three significant themes concerning the impacts M&A activity can have on clients.

About Merit

The Merit team serves as a professional partner on your path to growth. Merit works with advisors equipping them with the tools and resources needed to build revenues, expand your practice and grow as a professional.

Our firm is led by seasoned advisors who have a deep understanding of the needs and goals of successful financial practitioners. Our team includes experienced professionals across disciplines, including in-house investment management and strategy, comprehensive financial planning and life transition support, wealth management insights, operations, and human resources support. Our partners have achieved exponential growth in their practices as they leverage our expertise, industry experience, and resources.

Merit fosters a relationship-based culture that is built on integrity and respect – among our colleagues, with clients, and within our community. Our mission is anchored by several key principles, including humility, flexibility, and objective and goals-based advice.

  • Merit is committed to elevating and supporting diverse voices, experience, and expertise across the firm. As an example, over fifty-three percent of Merit’s staff is female and the firm has completed 4 acquisitions of female-founded firms since 2017.
  • Merit upholds a team-based approach that facilitates leadership and collaboration across the group for the collective benefit of the team and our clients.
  • Merit is focused on empowering growth and advancement among our advisors. We believe we are
    Stronger Together.
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At Merit, We Provide Full Service Support

We work with you and your team to make sure your transition is seamless. We take many carefully crafted steps to prepare, plan and execute the transition to make it as smooth as possible for you and your clients. Our process includes:

  • Discovery: we take time to understand your staff and your culture
  • Assessment: review your book of client base and business practices
  • Planning: we work with you to identify opportunities and challenges, as well as assign roles and responsibilities based on those.
  • Implementation: we plan and execute complete support through client communication, consent, and repapering processes
  • Go Live: provide and oversee employee training, system conversion, and portfolio management implementation  
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    Each of these moments, and the countless others that made the Tokyo Olympics so memorable, provide important learning opportunities across disciplines, including for those of us in the financial services space. Here are the top four lessons I walked away with and will strive to instill in my team:

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  • Business Wire | 08/02/2021 | Merit Financial Advisors has purchased Consilium Financial.

    $5.6bn Private Equity-backed hybrid buys Atlanta practice. Merit Financial Advisors, an affiliate of Wealth Partners Capital Group and HGGC, has purchased $291m Consilium Financial.

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  • Advisors Perspective | 07/21/2021 | Doug Blanton Shares Merit's Perspective on the Delta Variant

    Chief Investment Officer, Doug Blanton, to learn his perspective on the new outbreak of the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

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    Wealth Manager, Stephen Frick, discusses the importance of building relationships with the next generation.

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    In the 50th episode of Her Success Matters, Christine Shaw is joined by Kay Lynn Mayhue, a 25-year industry veteran and president of Merit Financial Advisors.

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  • RIA Intel | 05/03/2021 | Rick Kent's Featured Article on How He Started Merit

    Rick Kent, Founder and CEO of Merit Financial Advisors, explains how he built a large company and the new strategies required to maintain its momentum.

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  • Rethinking65 | 03/24/2021 | Kay Lynn Mayhue Shares Themes Concerning The Impact Of M&A Activity

    Merit's President, Kay Lynn Mayhue, shares three significant factors concerning the impacts M&A activity can have on clients.

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  • U.S. News & World Report | 03/05/2021 | Rick Kent Offers Insight On Succession Planning

    Our Founder and CEO, Rick Kent, offers insight on succession planning. He notes, “It is never too early to begin discussion related to succession planning, and knowing your priorities is a key component.”

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    InvestmentNews | 03/02/2021 | Kay Lynn Mayhue Shares Strategies For High Earners

    With potential changes to retirement plan rules in mind, Kay Lynn Mayhue, President of Merit shares strategies for high earners.

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  • InvestmentNews | 02/22/2021 | Capital Partner Helps Expand Merit's Capabilities

    Wealth Partners Capital Group, a new minority partner, will help Merit expand its capabilities and client offerings.

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“People are motivated by purpose; we strive to build a culture that empowers our people to serve others in an impactful way. Our goal is to create a culture that engages each person’s unique ability to make a difference.”

-Rick Kent, CEO & Founder