For Advisors

Merit offers solutions and support for financial advisors, particularly in practice management, operational and investment support and succession planning solutions.


Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in Financial Advisors wanting to work together and creating efficiencies to join forces.

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Rick Kent, founder and CEO of Merit Financial Advisors, explains how he built a large company and the new strategies required to maintain its momentum. Click here to read the full article. 

Independent RIA Partners

Independent financial advisors join Merit so they can maintain their independence while Merit provides administrative, operational and back office support and fuels growth.

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Our Services

in addition to the standard services provided by Registered Investment Advisors, we also provide:

  • Strategy:
    • Quarterly Coaching Program
  • Team:
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Multi-custodial Platform
    • Payroll, Benefits, 401(k) Resources
  • Growth:
    • M&A Support
    • Recuriting Support
    • Succession & Continuity Planning
    • Project Management and Support
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Our Process

Are you looking to transition? Our transition team and their detailed 8-10 week timeline will ensure you are well taken care of.

  1. Understanding and evaluating your business
  2. Co-create transition plan of action
  3. Prepare your team
  4. Custodian and broker-dealer due diligence
  5. Prepare to repaper
  6. Preparing for day one
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Our Experience

Our firm is led by seasoned advisors with vast experience and a multitude of industry credentials, who have a deep understanding of the needs of successful financial practitioners. We have a proven track record of exponential growth and in-depth knowledge of Broker-Dealer changes, clearing firm selections, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Succession Planning and Maximizing Your Opportunities

Merit is strategic and thoughtful in our growth trajectory, seeking to align with the right kinds of advisors who share the philosophy and vision, as well as clients with similar values and beliefs.


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Why Merit

The Merit team serves as a professional partner and coach for aligning advisors, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to be successful, expand their practice and grow as a professional.

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Our Goal

We are dedicated to finding the right partners to become a part of our team. For long-term growth and to maximize impact through our continued merger and acquisition activities, we will benefit from partnering with other minded firms that provide significant synergies.

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The objective is to expand our geographic reach, adding in-house expertise and supporting a larger group of advisors. Merit places an emphasis on diverse minds and empowering women within the financial services industry.

Merit Financial Group Receives Growth Investment From Wealth Partners Capital Group and Strategic Investor Group Led by HGGC

This new partnership provides the Georgia-based hybrid RIA with resources, capital, and expertise to accelerate M&A growth.
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