Career Transition

Whether you have been let go or presented with an interesting opportunity, our team is ready to help get your finances ready for this new season.

Career Change

Transitions often are either voluntary or involuntary.  In either case, the key is to be prepared. Let our team of professionals help you to feel prepared to take on what is next.

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Whether you are preparing for a transition into retirement or a new career, our initial meeting will review the following:

  • Understand your Total Financial Situation
  • Benefits & Compensation Package
  • Employer Compensation, Awards & Retirement Plans
  • Review Private Insurance & Investments
  • Revisit Risk Tolerances
  • Cash Flow Needs and Projections
  • Setting New Goals
  • Consider Estate Planning
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Based on the initial meeting, our team will assess what immediate actions need to be taken in order to set you up for this impending change.

  • Specialization in comprehensive planning
  • Assess "group" disability, long-term care, life, and healthcare insurance coverages
    • If a gap in needed coverage exists, immediately weigh options
    • Always be asking “How does this impact my family?”
  • Is a retirement roll-over plan right for you?
    • Have you considered equity awards or your HSA/FSA Accounts?
  • Examination of Home, Life, Auto, Umbrella coverages and needs along with Investment Account risk tolerances.
  • Create a cash flow model
    • Needs and projections
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With change also can come opportunity.  Transitions afford the opportunity to set new goals, or at the very least confirm existing goals. A transition in a career or transition to retirement may be the perfect time to set new goals or re-evaluate your current ones!

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Have you evaluated your new career benefits?
  • Have you considered estate planning?
    • Is it time to review?
    • If one does not exist, create one
  • What are your needs, wants, and wishes?

Start Preparing Today

Ready for a career change, but have no idea what impact it will have on your finances – or where to start? Let us help!