A Team of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts to Help You!

Since the inception of Merit Financial Advisors, our goal has been to help people reclaim their financial stability during and after divorce proceedings. Thanks to our professional team of certified divorce financial analysts, we believe you will be in good hands during this trying time. Seeking financial services is an excellent decision, allow us to take the stress off your shoulders as we provide you with crucial information you need to make informed choices.

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At Merit Financial Advisors, we have a special divorce strategies department which strives to ensure:

  • Your lifestyle is maintained
  • Your retirement plans are in-line with your goals
  • Your sources of income remain stable
  • You or your children’s college savings remain financially sound
  • Your investment plans continue to meet your goals
  • Your estate is managed properly

Our Comprehensive Approach

So our team will give your case an in-depth study and tailor our advice according to your personal goals and priorities. We have a comprehensive planning procedure in place to adequately provide care for all of our customers’ financial planning needs.

How Will Our Divorce Financial Analysts Help You During Your Divorce?

  • By using our improved technology and customized software, we’ll draft a variety of possible divorce settlement outcomes. This will make you aware of all possible outcomes beforehand, giving you crucial bargaining tools and all the necessary information to make informed decisions.
  • By going over different scenarios with you and helping you understand the technicalities on a long-term scale.
  • Assisting your attorney in getting hold of important financial documents that will help in negotiating a good deal. We can also help your attorney draft the divorce settlement.
  • Merit Financial Advisors can help make these overwhelming periods less stressful by taking care of the trickiest parts: your finances!

How Will Our Analysts Help You After the Divorce Settlement?

Seeing that your goals may have now changed, you need to draft a whole new plan and lifestyle that fits your current financial position. Our team of professionals will:

  • Come up with a long-term budget to help ensure your financial stability.
  • Offer you a list of worthy investments to fit your tax bracket, with the goal of helping you achieve financial freedom.
  • Manage your remaining assets and work to help you grow them further.
  • Hold you accountable for meeting all of your financial goals and obligations.

For confidence, contact our divorce financial analysts today!

Financial decisions you make during and after divorce have a big impact on your future; let Merit Financial Advisors help make it a positive one. Call us today to receive quality guidance from our team of certified divorce financial analysts.

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