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Rollover Relief for RMDs

Listen to our Wealth Manager, Marcus Anderson, discuss the major changes of the Required Distribution Minimum (RMD). Questions to ask yourself can include: what should...
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Health Savings Accounts

There are 3 advantages to know and understand your Health Savings Account. These advantages include: triple tax-free, pay for Medicare premiums, and it can help...
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Are You on the Right Track to Retire?

A very common question we receive is: Do I have enough money or am I on the right track to retire? We are here to...
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September 2020 Market Update

This year has been a wild ride, with all-time high levels seen in the stock market earlier in the year. This was followed by a...
AT&T rule of 75

The Modified Rule of 75

Watch the video below to learn more about the modified rule of 75 and the changes AT&T has made to the retirement package. Should you...
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How Much Money Is Enough?

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RMD Rollover Relief Update

The Internal Revenue Service announced that anyone who already took a required minimum distribution (RMD) in 2020 from certain retirement accounts now has the opportunity...
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The CARES Act – Part 2

How can the CARES ACT help make your healthcare needs more affordable? Watch the video to learn 3 practical ways the CARES ACT can help...
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Ask The JD

Hear our President, Kay Lynn Mayhue, CFP®, AEP®, RFC®, talk with Emily Boothroyd, JD, CFP® discuss the importance of being prepared and the documents that...

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