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Spring Cleaning Lessons That Apply To Your Retirement Plan

Our collective ritual of “spring cleaning” often happens because we didn’t take care of chores during the winter, fall, or maybe even last summer. Had...

Are You Committed To Your Loved Ones?

Most of us with grandchildren love spoiling them with gifts. I know I do. Unfortunately, the government puts limitations on how much we can give...

The Family Money Talk: What To Discuss and Why

As adults over 50, we can suffer from putting off the money talk in two ways – having the talk with our aging parents AND...

Financial Advisors Don’t Always Understand Women – And Why You Should Never Settle for That

My first boss in the financial services industry told me I was doomed to fail, in large part because I was female. That was 1989,...

5 Ways to Save for Retirement

A sense of mild panic can set in as we reach a certain age and face the fact that we could have saved more for...

8 Things To Know About Long Term Care Insurance

What is Long Term Care Insurance? Life has a tricky way of throwing barbs at us when we least expect them, and that’s why I...
new year written in notebook on table

Make Resolutions You Can Keep for Your New Year’s Financial Plan

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to play a solo piano concert at Carnegie Hall. This has zero chance of happening and has about...

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