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Viren and Associates, Inc. Joins Forces with Merit Financial Advisors Effective March 08, 2024.

We are excited to announce the next phase of our company, the merger of Viren and Associates and Merit Financial Advisors. We anticipate the transition to the Merit platform will be seamless. You will still have access to the same local team and resources you have now, but with expanded support and services.

Our combined team is dedicated to providing you with the same thoughtful guidance, long-term vision, and personalized service you already experience. We appreciate your continued trust in us, remain grateful for your friendship, and look forward to serving you for years to come. Learn more about our team here or call us at (509) 462-0747.

Viren and Associates, Inc., Merit Financial Advisors and LPL Financial are separate entities. Compensation has been paid in the merger.

About Viren and Associates

Our experiences are never identical to another’s, but there are similar paths. We each have memorable chapters and difficult ones.

Chapters filled with purpose and pride.

Chapters filled with challenge or sorrow.

We, at Viren and Associates, Inc. care about our clients individually. Our plans and advice are unique to each client. We walk with you through these chapters helping when needed with advice specific to you and the issues you are facing in this particular time.

About Merit

Merit is a financial services firm that seeks to establish, educate, and satisfy the financial goals of individuals in and approaching retirement.

We focus on providing reliable and objective financial advice by establishing a genuine and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We administer an array of financial services, which focuses on our client’s personal growth along with their financial goals.

We believe that we can help address the retirement challenges in America by bringing financial freedom, wellness and confidence to the working population and retirees. As people experience financial wellness, they will live more productive lives.


We’re here to guide you in enhancing and protecting your wealth. Through innovation, we leverage the right tools, resources, and solutions to best serve you. With a wide range of resources focused on financial education and tips, powered by leading-edge technology and cybersecurity, and a robust website with calculators and market updates, we can help you gain further insight into your financial plan.