Important AT&T Retirement Plan Updates for 2022-2023

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Understanding your AT&T retirement plan will allow you to make informed decisions about your finances before and during your retirement. Of course, the telecommunications company does offer their support and assistance in setting up and maintaining your plan, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility to develop a nuanced understanding of the terms and conditions so that…

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A Comprehensive Guide to AT&T Retirement Plans

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According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 6 in 10 workers in the United States feel stressed when having to prepare for retirement. And while 7 in 10 report that they are prepared for life after their career ends, only approximately 1 in 4 feels very confident about their readiness. If you are currently employed…

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AT&T Retirement Benefit Changes Panel

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Many people have seen change throughout their companies, but perhaps none like this. AT&T has announced a change in the retirement benefit plans of its employees. Listen to some of our Wealth Managers answer some of the top questions people might be asking. At Merit, we try to provide the most current content for you…

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10 Financial Mistakes Retiring AT&T Employees Can Make

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There certainly is a lot to think about when retiring, such as how you’re going to remain financially stable and also stay busy. But retirement is a time you should enjoy; after all, you’ve worked hard to be stable enough to stop working and enjoy life. However, some can make financial mistakes beforehand that can…

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Understanding Your AT&T Retirement Pension Plan

One of the benefits of being an AT&T employee is that the company offers solid retirement plans that are flexible for a variety of needs. However, you’ll still have to make a decision which plan is the right one for your future, so having some advice on hand is often a great benefit. You’ll be…

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Annuity vs. Lump Sum

If you’ve thought about retiring from AT&T within the last two years, you’ve probably asked yourself  “Should I take the Annuity or the Lump Sum’?  That is the right question to answer but like most good questions, the answer can vary from one retiree to the next. At Merit, our goal is to provide you…

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AT&T Pension Plan

Listen to our Wealth Manager and Partner, Scott Meyer discuss the options you may have when it comes to your AT&T Pension plan. Should you have any questions regarding your pension or your benefits at AT&T, please click here to set up a meeting. At Merit, our goal is to provide our clients with the…

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What AT&T Retirement Plan Problems Say About 401(k) Management

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With nearly a quarter-million employees around the nation (please footnote reference), AT&T is a huge employer – and, naturally, most of those employees are enrolled in the AT&T retirement plan.  We’ve worked with quite a few such individuals, and there’s a common issue we’ve seen in nearly all of them – their AT&T retirement plan…

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The Modified Rule of 75

Watch the video below to learn more about the modified rule of 75 and the changes AT&T has made to the retirement package. Should you have questions or concerns about this new rule, please click here to schedule a meeting with an advisor.

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