Financial Planning Checklist: 8 Essential Components

Financial Planning Checklist

Written by Andy Lubben, Regional Director | Partner We all know how important financial planning is. A financial plan acts as a guide as you go through your life’s journey. It helps you stay in control of your entire financial picture so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and your loved ones.…

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Making Financial Resolutions For the New Year

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Written by: Stephen Frick, Wealth Manager & Partner While making New Year’s resolutions is a fun tradition that comes back around at the end of every calendar year, it’s not always a productive one. In fact, the vast majority of new year goals do not last the entire year, with roughly 80% of Americans failing…

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8 Year-End Financial Planning Tips

financial planning

Decisions are best made with a little time for reflection, good information, and advice from experienced professionals and those with opinions you value. These final weeks of the year are a perfect time to take stock of your financial plan and make adjustments, as necessary, before the rush of the holidays and tax-filing deadlines next…

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Making Sense of Medicare and Planning for a Healthy Retirement

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Written by: Scott Crowe, Wealth Manager & Partner Planning for retirement calls for individuals to clarify their vision regarding future lifestyles and activities. With the help of a trusted advisor, aspiring retirees can develop a clear picture of their retirement and how to support it. However, there remains one significant question mark for even the…

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Why Insurance Should Be the Basis of a Strong Risk Mitigation Strategy

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Written By: Jennifer Cox Mann, Relationship Manager & Insurance Coordinator While risk mitigation may not have seemed as necessary when you were in your 20s, it becomes increasingly important as you near retirement. With time, you will want to ensure the security of your wealth, retirement funds, health, estate, and your children’s inheritance. However, this…

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How a Practical Risk Evaluation May Improve Your Investment Portfolio

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Building your wealth is a constant balancing act between adopting new growth opportunities and hedging your portfolio against risk. You want to get the best possible ROI, but not at the risk of losing a substantial portion of your principal investment. Thus, a practical risk evaluation is one of the best ways to manage your…

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15 Best States to Retire in a Tax-Efficient Way

15 states to retire

Even if you have substantial savings that will see you through your retirement years, you still need to make sure you are getting the most for your money. While federal taxes will follow you wherever you go (even if you retire overseas), your state tax home will depend on the primary state(s) in which you…

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Afraid of Outliving Your Retirement Savings? Here Is What You Need to Know

Written By: Brad Cast Outliving your retirement savings is a concern that many retirees face. You spent your entire working life saving so that you could be comfortable in retirement, and now you find yourself worried about the prospect of running out of money before running out of time. While it may sound frightening, there…

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Retirement and Inheritance Fund Planning

Written By: Carly Hensley, CFS® No matter how old children get, parents will always see them as their little kids. They have years of memories of helping them get through life by offering guidance and supporting them emotionally and financially. Even when parents reach retirement age, they’re still focused on helping their children where they…

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