Afraid of Outliving Your Retirement Savings? Here Is What You Need to Know

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Written By: Brad Cast Outliving your retirement savings is a concern that many retirees face. You spent your entire working life saving so that you could be comfortable in retirement, and now you find yourself worried about the prospect of running out of money before running out of time. While it may sound frightening, there…

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Major Career Change: How to Manage the Transition & Avoid Mistakes

Major Career Change

Making a major career change can feel like a big undertaking, but it is actually a lot more common than many people realize. In fact, a recent poll showed that more than half of Americans are actively contemplating a career change, with roughly 44% of those people already putting a plan into action. Consequently, many…

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August Market Update

August 2021 Market Update 2

We remain optimistic about the future prospects for equity markets. Additionally, corporate earnings have been extremely strong, strong enough to make domestic equity valuations look more attractive. Recent gains in the labor market have been robust, but continued momentum will be necessary before the Fed begins to slowly step back from its current accommodative policy.…

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President Biden’s Estate Tax and Capital Gains Tax Proposals

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When President Biden revealed his latest tax proposals, he was, in many ways, picking the baton back up from his days as Vice President. In a 2015 State of the Union Address, President Obama discussed ending the “trust fund loophole,” as well as other issues related to estate planning and IRS inheritance tax rules. Although…

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Working With The Right Advisor

financial advisor

Finding the right financial advisor to work with can be a challenging task. We’ve certainly had clients tell us that their previous advisors weren’t able to deliver the value they want and need. The Merit team is made up of consummate professionals who strive to deliver a world-class experience. But we realize that you might…

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Duties and Responsibilities of the Executor of the Estate


Written By: Tony Pitzer, CFP® No one is ever prepared for the passing of a loved one. Even when family members have time to say goodbye, the pain isn’t lessened. We’re always left reminiscing about our time spent with them, and then doing our best to be strong in a future without them. As difficult…

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July Market Update

July 2021 Market Update

The separation between countries that have been able to successfully vaccinate large portions of their populations and those that have not, continues to be a key factor in the global economic rebound. The key points for July’s market update are: The economic reopening and recovery are in full force. We believe the government spending and low interest…

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Retirement and Inheritance Fund Planning

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Written By: Carly Hensley, CFS® No matter how old children get, parents will always see them as their little kids. They have years of memories of helping them get through life by offering guidance and supporting them emotionally and financially. Even when parents reach retirement age, they’re still focused on helping their children where they…

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Merit’s Perspective on the Delta Variant

Delta Variant

Written By: Doug Blanton, CFA® After reaching all-time high levels in June, markets have begun to price in the possibility of a new, highly contagious COVID-19 variant that is disrupting the global economic recovery. The Delta variant of COVID-19 is considerably more contagious, spreading 50% faster than the Alpha variant, which spread 50% more quickly…

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