The Benefits of DNA Behavior

Merit has partnered with DNA Behavior in order to achieve a greater and more in-depth perspective on the financial behaviors, risk tolerances, and communication styles of both our employees and clients. Since 2001, DNA Behavior International has enabled human performance acceleration using its proprietary Financial DNA® and Business DNA® behavior tech platforms. They take an “understanding people before numbers” approach to managing both business and life, and power real-time management solutions through validated behavioral insights to connect, customize and accelerate human performance. At Merit, we are excited to utilize DNA Behavior’s tech platforms to identify specific personality insights to better serve our clients and employees and help them pursue their personal and professional goals.

The Financial DNA® assessment comes in the form of a questionnaire, which is presented to a client for completion at their convenience. Once a client has completed the Financial DNA® assessment, the results are analyzed, and a follow-up consultation is scheduled with their advisor. Given the feedback from the assessment, the advisor then has a better understanding on how to craft a portfolio that will align nicely with the client’s overall risk tolerance and comfort level when it comes to investment selection, product complexity, and market volatility. The valuable feedback and insight derived from the analysis also helps the advisor better communicate and provide more impactful service, thus setting the stage for a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with the client, his/her family and future generations.

The Business DNA® assessment is used to take a deeper look into our team members’ communication styles and work habits, which allows the firm to better understand how each of our team members operates, both individually and as a collective unit. Using DNA Behavior’s technology, we can compare and contrast different teams and/or team members, and determine those groups of individuals that would best work together to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and success, both personally, as well as for the firm and most importantly, for our valuable clients. The technology also helps us better understand each other’s unique communication styles, so we can tailor the way we speak to and interact with one another to achieve an optimal level of harmony, accountability, and overall employee happiness. The implementation of technology such as Business DNA® is one of the many reasons Merit continues to grow exponentially as a firm and receive awards and accolades, such as the Investment News Best Places to Work for Financial Advisors award in 2019!

We are so grateful to partner with DNA Behavior and will continue to seek the absolute best resources available, such as those provided by DNA Behavior, to best serve both our clients and our team members, going forward into the future

DNA Behavior International is not affiliated with LPL Financial.
Best Places to Work for Financial Advisors 2019 – Recognized firms were required to be a registered investment advisor (RIA) that has been in business at least one year and have a minimum of 15 full-time/part-time employees. The assessment consisted of a questionnaire on benefits and policies completed by human resources staff along with an engagement & satisfaction survey completed by a minimum of 40% of staff. 50 firms were selected for this award from an undisclosed list of submissions. There was no charge to be included in this award listing.